Plumbing Services

Clear Plumbing Malibu provides full service plumbing solutions in Malibu and the environs. We have qualified personnel with years of experience in providing commercial and residential plumbing in Malibu. Here is an overview on some of the services that we provide.

Toilet Repair & Installation

The toilet is by far the most used and most important plumbing fixture. It is important ensuring that your toilet is properly installed. This guarantees longer service. In addition, proper maintenance of the toilet will prevent cases of clogged toilets or even broken toilets. Clear Plumbing Malibu provides installation and repair solutions. Serving commercial and residential customers, we commit to ensuring your toilet is in proper working condition. Therefore, contact us when you require toilet installation or when the toilet requires repair. Some signs that you need toilet repair and servicing include leaky toilet, slow flushing toilet, the toilet appears clogged. Hire us today for an affordable service.

Faucet Repair & Installation

Do you know that you can lose up to 20 gallons of water within a day if the faucet is leaking. This is such a huge loss, and it is advisable that you hire a professional plumber to have the faucet fixed appropriately. At Clear Plumbing Malibu, we provide faucet repair and installation solutions. Therefore, if you just noticed that the faucet is leaky, broken or you need replacement of the old faucet, Clear Plumbing Malibu has got you covered. Our professional faucet plumbers come with appropriate tools for proper faucet repair. Give us  a call today and we will respond quickly.

Shower Replacement & Installation

The bathroom shower is another most used plumbing fixture in commercial and residential properties. Whether at a hotel or your home, you want to make sure that the shower provides optimal performance throughout. The things to check for include not leaking, the shower is not blocked and that your shower is efficient in terms of water pleasure and volume of water. Clear Plumbing Malibu will inspect the showers to guarantee you the best solutions. To schedule for shower repair and installation services, contact Clear Plumbing Malibu.

Main Pipe Repair

If the main water pipe has a leaky point or requires replacement, Clear Plumbing Malibu has your back. We provide professional services ensuring that the main pipe is properly inspected and every weak point identified. Therefore, hire Clear Plumbing Malibu for water pipes inspection, we will identify issues causing low-pressure water and other issues like rooting that can result into blockage of main pipes. We have advanced equipment and we work round the clock guaranteeing you the best solutions.

Garbage Disposals

Nearly every household uses the garbage disposal unit the garbage disposal unit provides great convenience. Therefore, it is important that you check to see that the garbage disposal system is in good operational state. Talk to Clear Plumbing Malibu today for professional services. We are readily available for hire while we serve our customers to satisfaction.

Gas Plumbing

For professional gas line installation or repair, come to Clear Plumbing Malibu. We provide trained personnel, who are ready to respond even in case of distress calls. Our personnel come with years of experience and we will provide you the best solutions. We advise you on the best plumbing fixes when installing the gas line in your house. This is for guaranteed efficiency.

Unclogging Services

One of the worst plumbing problems and apparently the most common is clogged fixtures and drains. Either when experiencing a clogged system, there will be no flow of water into the house, or the sewer line is blocked. This means that wastewater will remain stuck in the drainage system, causing bad odor. If experiencing clogged pipes or the sewer line is clogged, you need to contact a professional plumber for immediate assistance. Note that if you engage unqualified technician, there is the risk of broken pipes or use of wrong unclogging equipment, causing further damage. To avoid such cases, talk to Clear Plumbing Malibu. We provide professional services for toilet unclogging, sewage unclogging, main drain unclogging and sinks unclogging.

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Other Services

Sewer Camera Inspection

Is your plumbing system not in the right shape? DIY solution cannot give you the best outcome. Nowadays, lots of homeowners love technology, and we are also the tech-savvy plumbers to manage their plumbing issues with the technological assistance.

Leak Detection and Repair

Are you experiencing an ever-increasing water bill? Do not underestimate the fact that it might be an underground water leak. This can cause huge losses for years, especially when the water leak is invisible and the water just drains beneath your house.

Water Heater Repair

Clear Plumbing Malibu provides professional plumbers, ensuring exceptional plumbing solutions for residential and commercial customers in Malibu area and its environs. One of the services that we offer is the water heater repair services.